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Veracruz Tourism Guide


On the coastal plains of the state, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic, the Port of Veracruz proudly shows us its white appearance, its squares and colonial center surrounded by buildings of the beginning of the century, its quays of great mercantile and naval movement guarded by a strong, its long and modern avenues that border the sea and its placid and beautiful beaches.

The Historic Center of the Port reveals a Creole character in the set of fades, balconies and ornaments of its buildings, in which harmoniously intermingle the different architectural influences that the city has experienced throughout its hectic life.


Cathedral: Before Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, of century XVIII.

The Municipal Palace: Seat of the first city hall of Continental America, located in the Plaza Mayor.

Likewise, the Post Office building and the Maritime Customs, in neoclassical style, reflect the French aristocratic eagerness that tinged the life of Mexico in the late nineteenth century; the site of the Reformation, a museum installed in the old church of the exconvento of San Francisco, erected in 1715.

The City Museum, neoclassical building of beautiful courtyard and sober arches, exhibits the history and the folklore of the city; the Museum of the Revolution, located in the original building of lighthouses; the Chapel of the Christ of the Good Travel, of the sixteenth century, a simple parish in which the Moreno Christ, a protector of the mulatto fishermen who initially inhabited the neighborhood, is venerated.

The Fort of San Juan de Ula (XVI – XVIII centuries)
Now a museum, it was built to protect the port from the greed of corsairs and filibusters, as it was a place of continual coming and going of ships that brought men and goods from overseas and headed for Europe loaded with gold and silver.

The Baluarte de Santiago with its drawbridge is a small museum: It was part of the wall built in the XVII century that protected the city until 1850.

Also Veracruz has two islands of special appeal:

The island of the Monkeys: Where you can appreciate the large number of monkeys that inhabit the place

Isla de Sacrificios: It has a beautiful underwater natural park.