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Rio de Janeiro: The Wonderful City


The Marvelous City full of color and joyRio de Janeiro is a city with a lot of charm, the charm of its beaches and its sea, the charm of its islands, forests and mountains, the charm of the sun-tanned village that shines throughout the year. Rio is like this, a cheerful and extroverted city, easy to love. It will be a love at first sight, as almost always happens. In this web you can find tourist information of Rio de Janeiro to help you with the preparations.

Why is it wonderful?

In Rio, beauty reborn every morning with the sun revealing the panorama of this special city located between the sea and the mountains. That’s why everyone calls it “La Ciudad Maravillosa”, the perfect title for an extraordinary place.

When is the best time to visit?

The Rio Carnival is legendary. Famous parades of samba schools, music groups and dances for all tastes and pockets and a joy that infects the whole city.

What is the typical food?

Rio de Janeiro is a paradise for those who like to eat well. From more sophisticated dishes of international cuisine to the tasty and exotic dishes of typical Brazilian cuisine. Like the feijoada, always accompanied by the caipirinha. There is also the barbecue, grilled meat in large and juicy pieces. The prices are good and the scenery is free.

History and culture Rio was the scene of the most important events in Brazilian history. And that history is preserved today in its museums, libraries and monuments. The other side of Rio: cultural center and enclosure of intellectuals and artists, where they transmit ideas and idioms. La Carioca Night Apart from many restaurants, cinemas and theaters, Carioca night offers other excellent leisure options: shows, samba concerts, modern discos and lively with national and international music or just a cold beer on the beach.

The night of Rio goes until the dawn of the sun. Passion for sport The carioca, like all Brazilians, has a passion: football. Soccer is the national sport. On Sunday afternoons, stadiums are filled with fans to watch the matches of their teams. It is worth going to Maracana, the largest stadium in the world, to see one of these shows.

But Rio is not only football, but also other sporting activities such as tennis, golf, swimming, surfing, volleyball, hang gliding and much more. Spectacular Beaches The beach is a daily fun. In Rio the habit is to go to the beach until dusk. It is on the beach where friends, and even strangers, meet to talk and rest.