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Argentina – A Destination for Adventurers


From the Cordillera to the Atlantic coast, and from La Quiaca to Ushuaia, there are thousands of corners with volcanoes, mountains, mountains, valleys, lagoons, streams, seas and rivers where you can discover unexplored natural attractions that awaken with more or less effort adrenaline and the ambition to continue.

Adventure tourism sports invite you to live a unique experience, as they not only facilitate the full contact with nature, but return to the practitioner protagonist of the natural setting where he is. In addition, they offer alternatives for all sexes, ages and experiences; and generally have different levels of difficulty, which in many cases can even access entire families.

The options

Rafting in gom or canoe is one of the activities of adventure tourism more realized in the Iguazu Falls by the travelers who arrive to Misiones to enjoy their vacations. Navigate the Iguaz? River at full speed for several kilometers, with the infernal noise of waterfalls in the ears, rainbows rising from the sky and water bathed all while the gom’n threatens to capsize, it is an experience that only the extreme tourism can offer.

Photographic safaris in the missionary jungle, visits to the falls during the nights, trekking, canopy, rappel, water rides and visits to the Guarani communities are some of the proposals of adventure tourism in the Iguazu Falls.

Much more quiet and familiar, the 4×4 is one of the most chosen options because it is suitable for a large sector of the population; the typical places where to practice a unique experience are San Bernardo, Pinamar, Comodoro Rivadavia, Puerto Madryn, Puerto Iguaz?, El Calafate and Puna, among others. Mountaineering, rock climbing and rappelling offer extremely exciting experiences, but they demand a significant amount of energy.

For the more challenging, the Cordillera de los Andes, volcanoes, hills and mountain ranges of the central region invite you to live this type of adventure tourism. Also, the South Patagonia, with its climbing and rappel circuits, allows the adepts to know really spectacular sites, many of them unexplored, with forests and rivers that can be covered accepting the challenge of these extreme sports.

The province of Santa Cruz is the ideal place for trainees: the surface extends between mountains and coastal strips, with intense trekking circuits in El Chalt?n; climbing and Tyrolean terraces on the Torre and Fitz Roy hills; and hiking on ice, 4×4 cruises and rafting in El Calafate.

In Tierra del Fuego, it is possible to enjoy adventure tourism with a horseback riding through dense forests, soft areas and turbans, paths on rocks and steep slopes. In this province there is also a variety of places to do extreme adventure tourism, especially climbing and mountaineering, among them Cerro Alvear, Andorra-Ca-ad-n de la Oveja, Monte Olivia, Cerro Domo Blanco, La Esfinge, Martial, Cinco Hermanos, and Bonete ; Vinciguerra glacier, Cerro Portillo and southeastern Cascade of Alvear.

Other adventure sports are equally attractive, but they do not require much energy or previous experience. Such is the case of diving and snorkeling, excellent ways to get to know the underwater world, its flora, its fauna and even legendary shipwrecks. For this type of activity, the Atlantic coast, with its varied beaches, is the preferred site.