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Cuzco, The Archaeological Capital of America


Cuzco, was the main city of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire, being considered by the Incas as the “Navel of the World”. Today is the first tourist center of Peru and has been proclaimed by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Everything in Cuzco is beauty, because it contains the whole history of legendary Peru, from its foundation to the withdrawal of the Spanish conquistadors. In the surroundings there are important archaeological monuments such as the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman, Kenko, Baos de TamboMachay, Pisac terraces, the Fortress of Ollantaytambo and the incomparable constructions of MachuPicchu, on the margin of the Urubamba River, which was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, known today as the “Capital of America” or “Eternal City”.

The large number of museums and churches have made Cuzco the most important tourist center in Peru. The “Inca Trail”, which was used by the ancient Peruvians to reach the Citadel of Machu Picchu, offers the possibility of encountering innumerable Inca constructions that, combined with nature, give a comprehensive view of the grandeur and importance it had Macchu Picchu.


Enjoy and Enjoy in March, the month of Shopping in Miami


Miami is known throughout the world as a shopper’s paradise.

Shopping Month in Miami in March celebrates the best stores in Miami and its Beaches.

A mix of shopping and sunshine in one of Miami’s most fantastic outdoor markets, where visitors can appreciate the view while filling their shopping carts, relax and recharge batteries in local cafes, restaurants and bars … keep buying.

Outdoor Shopping
Sunbathe while shopping, eating, walking and shopping around in beautiful and varied shopping malls, outdoor style and recreation.

Mall Bayside Marketplace
With beautiful panoramic Vizcaya Bay and surrounded by the dramatic city scape of downtown, including the Port of Miami and American Airlines Stadium, the Bayside Marketplace Mall unites style, recreation and shopping with its national clothing chains and its items characteristic of different cultures and entertainment without limits.

The Mall has more than 150 stores, including big names such as Gap, Wet Seal and Victoria’s Secret, as well as small carts and kiosks selling local crafts and souvenirs, exotic jewelry, leather goods and gifts from around the world. Its outdoor plaza invites us to stroll and relax between buying and buying, while we enjoy street performances and concerts with a beautiful view of the sea.

The Bayside experience continues even as shopping completes. In addition to the giant Hard Rock Cafe, the Bayside Mall offers excellent Latino restaurants, seafood and barbecues, as well as signature places to try a quick latte or gelato, or enjoy fruit drinks by the bay. You can also enjoy a walk in the light of the moon, aboard one of the party and tourism boats departing from the port of Miamarina.

Mall Mary Brickell Village
In downtown Miami is the Mary Brickell Village Mall, whose shady courtyards line the boutiques, restaurants and bars. The serenity that this place emanates can make you forget that Brickell Avenue, Latin American Financial Capital, is only one block away.

CocoWalk Mall
Coconut Grove, Miami’s premier neighborhood, remains one of the most picturesque in the city, as it is an area of endless festivals, unlimited nightlife, eccentric artists and sophisticated art. In the heart of the Grove is the multicultural Cocowalk market, a perfect destination for shopping, food and outdoor entertainment, evoking the atmosphere of European town squares in the midst of tropical South Florida.

The Coconut Grove offers entertainment for all tastes. Unique boutiques nestle among favorite clothing chains such as Gap, Chessecake Factory, Fat Tuesday, Maui Nix Surf Shop, Edward Beiner Eyewear, and the exclusive First Flight Out, an exhibit and retailer of the Pan Am airline.

When the sun sets Cocowalk gets warmed up with live music and art walks, bars and restaurants offering different drinks, dinners and desserts. Celluloid lovers can watch a movie at the ultramodern Paragon 13 Grove.

Shops At Sunset Place
In Miami’s South City, south of Coconut Grove near the University of Miami, colorful urban spaces mark the way of specialty shops at the Shops at Sunset Place. Spacious plazas and recreational spaces create a comforting atmosphere for shopping, dining, cinema and martinis tastings.

As readers browse in Barnes & Noble. fashionistas can take a look at the Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters and other chic stores. If you just want to skip shopping in the name of fun, you can turn to the Game Time entertainment zone, the AMC Sunset Place 24 with IMAX theater and the Splits Ville Luxury Lanes & Dinner Lounge.

Mall Village of Merrick Park
Coral Gables, the Village of Merrick Park Center houses approximately 115 shops and restaurants that surround a beautiful courtyard with gardens and tropical fountains. Elegant stores like Juicy Couture, Burberry, CH Carolina Herrera, and Tiffany are within the options to visit.


“Colombia and its Exuberant Majesty”


Colombia is a modern state, with a tourist infrastructure that takes advantage of its natural resources and human capital to enchant time and again to the thousands of tourists who visit this country year by year.

Due to its privileged location in the north of the continent, it gathers in its natural regions all the environments in the tropics: glaciers, beaches, plains, mountains, jungles and deserts. It is thus among such a variety it is difficult to recommend any exclusively, even more accompanied by its famous and exclusive coffee.

In this way, and hoping not to annoy anyone, we have selected two destinations within this joyful nation, the historic Cartagena de Indias with its walled city, and the unparalleled charm of the Island of San Andres.
San Andres and its sea of 7 colors.

Already taking the flight to this beautiful island in the shape of seahorse everyone tells you of its sea of 7 colors, its places of dreams and the pleasantness of its people.

As the time comes to land and looking through one of those small windows of the plane you can clearly see that it is not any place, more so when at first sight are exposed colors from the darkest green to the most illuminated turquoise .

“Welcome to San Andres,” says the driver, welcoming us immediately, mentioning that if we thought we knew Colombia and its traditions we were wrong, “San Andres is the closest thing to Jamaica but in Spanish,” says the islander as he dodged a tangled tangle of motorcycles , type of transport that abounds more in San Andres.

There is no better way to get around than to go around the island. With an approximate extension of 30 km. The best way to know San Andres is to surround the island, and what better if it is in a picturesque Chiba or tourist train, beautiful and ultra decorator bus that you will not forget by the little comfortable of its seats and by the moved from the trip.

Among the many destinations available on the Island can be mentioned all those related to the island culture mixed with the adventures of privateers and pirates, all surrounded by a sticky and relaxing Reggae music. This is how you can visit the Cave of Morgan, a cave excavated in the coral and surrounded by a museum and different objects with legends with a certain halo to “Pirates of the Caribbean”

It is also not impossible to swim with multi-colored fish in the “Picinita”, small lake sheltered between rocks where even one can feed the fish by buying one of the many sellers a piece of bread. It is also necessary to visit the paradisiac beaches of Sound Bay and San Luis, which forms part of the root heart of the island, and which are surrounded by traditional houses, neighborhoods, small shops and restaurants where to taste and feel the most authentic of the traditions and customs of the natives.

It is these and many other reasons that make this special island a place for relaxation, adventure, history and, if not, the characteristic bohemian Caribbean.

History and charm in Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias is a city full of history between its streets and inhabitants, founded in 1533 by the Spanish Don Pedro de Heredia, was considered the most important port of America, this given its excellent location that was even used as a military fort, which turned it into a haven of treasures and riches from the Spanish crown. In order to defend it from the successive attacks of pirates a majestic wall of walls and fortifications was constructed that today is the reflection of the history of a colonial town.

This is a beautiful city full of history, warm climate, good gastronomy, many islands and beaches, which makes touring its streets an exceptional experience since in them one can observe those constructions full of history and feel the warm and calm breeze from its narrow streets, parks and squares.

Among its attractions can be mentioned various tourist routes as the route of museums, which offers history, culture and entertainment in its thematic museums where you can find unique pre-Columbian pieces, goldsmiths, art and convents. Another recommended route is ecotourism, which offers the opportunity to visit nature reserves such as mangroves, beaches, botanical gardens, oceanarium, mud volcano, among other attractions.

This city declared a World Heritage Site has these and many other charms that make it a perfect place for both the family and those who want to make their holidays a pleasant, cultural and unforgettable experience.