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Guadalajara – Center of Tourism


It is the capital of Jalisco, considered the fourth largest state in Mexico, where important traditions such as tequila and mariachis are concentrated. It is also considered an important focus of economic, commercial and cultural development of the country.

It has a diversity of landscapes that satisfy all tastes, with an excellent climate and rich gastronomy. On a tour the visitor can find beaches, snow-capped mountains, forests, but also desert areas, lakes and jungles. Jalisco is every year the scene of many and varied events. And in 2014 Guadalajara, its capital, is precisely the site of World Tourism Day (DMT) festivities. This event is held every year under the auspices of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

“Tourism and community development” is the motto chosen for this year. This theme seeks to highlight the potential of tourism as a driving force for the development and sustainable growth of all countries, through decisions and initiatives that benefit their communities.

World Tourism Day (DMT) is a suitable date for the search for inclusion mechanisms for all the communities involved in such an important activity. The World Tourism Organization seeks to promote the cultural richness and traditions of the peoples, always orienting the respect of the inhabitants and guaranteeing the equitable distribution of the benefits of the sustainable development of their regions.

With regard to the celebration of World Tourism Day 2014 , months UNWTO invited web surfers to send their comments on how they would celebrate this day in their respective countries by sending photos inspired by this year’s motto for a Facebook album. Via Twitter was established the label # WTD2014 in order to facilitate participation in conversations, sending opinions and to share experiences before September 27th. This day in Guadalajara will be held the meetings, presentations and debates ruled by the WTO in the Museum of Art of Zapopan.