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The Dream of contemplating the Taj Mahal


The Taj Mahal is the most well-known image of India, everyone has ever seen it in a book, on TV or on the Internet. Before arriving, you think that the place will be full of tourists and that is not so either … “I’ve seen it a thousand times”, “too typical for me” and all that string of silly phrases based on preconceived ideas, very stupid and without basis.

The gates of the Taj Mahal  – The dream of contemplating the Taj Mahal

The Hindus love him, he is his most famous monument, they are proud of him. That is why they try to give the visit a certain theatricality in order to create expectation. They do it in such a way that you want to see it as soon as possible: “you are in India and you are going to see the Taj Mahal”.

We remember that to access the Taj Mahal precinct we had to catch an electric bus. Pollution was making a dent in this wonder and little by little it was yellowing. So the Hindus thought that such an affront could not be tolerated and they decided to install the electric buses and move the factories of the area to another part of Agra. But let us return to that moment. Step one, get to the electric buses. Step two, overcome the walls of the enclosure. Step three, access through the gates of the enclosure. And at each step a story, a detail, a compliment … “I want to enter now.”

Entering the grounds of the Taj Mahal 

Between nerves and cravings … suddenly it is before you, you overcome the main door and you see its perfection, its symmetry, its whiteness. You feel microscopic and stupid. How could we doubt the Taj Mahal? Because it is unique, and although you’ve seen it a thousand times on TV, in books or on the Internet, it takes away your hiccups and automatically sketches a smile and mutters a compliment. At that moment, you forget about the tourists, the heat, the long journey, the heavy sellers. It’s there, you have it face-to-face and no one will steal you that instant, it will be yours forever.

After the initial shock you feel the need to approach, to touch, to feel, to be with him. And while you walk you realize that it is different at each step, it becomes bigger and less symmetrical. However, you look at the details and you like them. The marble is snowy, elegant, robust, hypnotic.

Vero before the Taj Mahal 

Once before you touch it and you discover that the brightness of the distance had a trick. The white is broken with a thousand flashes. The marble is set with thousands of precious stones and verses from The Koran, always The Koran.
After seeing it and touching it, it makes you want to walk, to surround it, to go down to its entrails, to go from here to there looking for a detail, a defect, but it does not have it. Turns and turns, up and down, sitting, standing. You want to stay there for a long time, face to face, you and him.

Taj Mahal Minaret

Perhaps you do not like these monuments so famous, overwhelm the crowds and think that I have spent a bit. These are our memories of the Taj Mahal, maybe you have others and are not like ours. We only advise you not to stay without seeing it. Good or bad, everyone deserves to fulfill the dream of contemplating the Taj Mahal.